Q: Why do I now need to register?

A: You will need to register and prove you are a London Taxi Driver to receive work updates and other trade related notifications.


Q: How accurate are the Traffic cams?

A: They are generally updated every 3/5 minutes, but sometimes they can be out of use for various reasons but this is not under our control they are operated by TFL.

Q: I cannot see any cams or hardly any?

A: Go to.. more/settings here you can change to the distance of the capture area for the cams. Your choices are: 0.7 miles 1.4miles and all cameras.

Q: How do I place an ad on taxidriverapp?

You can do this simply by using the ads page or by email to: londontaxis@mail.com
(Please include all details as well as picture and contact details.

Q: Is there a charge for placing an ad?

A: At this time we do not charge for ads, however we may introduce a small fee in the future to help with admin costs.

Q: My query is not answered here what can I do?

A: Either use the contact from or the the case of more urgent queries please call


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